Crane climbing for the youths of our society

Within youth culture and social media, crane and building climbing are becoming a trend within our teenage generation. Young people are making money and a name within the public eye through broadcasting these challenges online. 

Buildings and construction sites are mainly an interested within these modern day hobbies including sites near the Gherkin, the Shard, Tower Bridge and the London Eye but also international buildings have been accomplished by young climbers such as NightScape, a popular icon within the climbing community, using Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to reach out to their audiences and followers, making crane climbing a hobby and fun activity for young people to do.
Ryan Evans, a new broadcaster of his climbing skills discusses how the younger generation is as passionate as this hobby just like any other, he states ‘people are so proud when you win a medal, but when you climb the biggest crane in London they complain’. 
The older generation is uneasy about this sudden craze or trend within their children as the act of breaking into a building site is illegal within the UK. Also with the climbing to sometimes be extremely dangerous and fatal in many cases teenagers are constantly being warned about the risks they make to get a good video, photograph or experience.