Rave night review at the Antelope in High Wycombe

High Wycombe, England took an expected turn on December 2nd, when the Antelope pub hosted a Saturday night rave party for the locals and some of us teen ravers. The locals and bar staff had no idea the night would turnout to be so lit! With high spirits and tones of energy it actually refrained me from missing London’s Saturday night sesh and nightlife, which isn’t an easy thing to do. 

At first I wasn’t all gassed up like I normally am for a night out because I had the expectation of a small club and posh teenagers whilst driving to High Wycombe, a rural, high income area with many judgemental residents. As I arrive at my friends mansion I overhear them say we are going to a pub to which is automatically groan as I didn’t think there would be an opportunity for me to dance. They all shut me down and claim I will be shocked and surprised about whats to come at said Antelope.
The night progresses as the group all intaking all sorts of substances, getting very merry and full of energy and excitement. We arrive. I have to say the outside of the venue screamed old aged pensioner along with the the stench of your grandmothers bathroom. I walk inside to hear techno music, contrasting completely to the outside of the building. Middle aged wannabes and footy casuals spread around the pub like a swam of flies. 
Bearing in mind I was not in the best attire to fit in, wearing bright red checked trousers, the ones you would see a chef wearing. Along with my upscale dog collar choker which highlights how in touch to evil I am. Because of all of this along with my dance moves that slay, the elders were loving to see the rave generation progress in such delight. All night the old 80s and 90s ravers were alluding my technique when it comes to skanking and fast tempo dancing. Although the place demonstrated creepy and weird like never before the atmosphere and pure joy of the people made the experience worth while (not forgetting the cheap drinks!).