Caravan demolished over declined claim on planning

The Peckham resident Trevor Hadjimina has lost his ‘caravan’ extension from 19 Relf Road claimed a first-floor extension he was building out of wood was actually a ‘caravan’, the timber structure started May last year without Hadjimina administering for planning permission. The court has administrated 2 months to remove all building work. 

The high court injunction was applied by the Southwark council planners, one of the most serve tools that planning authorities can use when breaching an injunction can end in contempt of court – removal of the structure. When the case was viewed in the Royal Courts of Justice, the defendant’s dispute was that the structure was a caravan and therefore did not need a permission of planning instead of a first-floor expansion.

A council spokesperson said: “It is essential that anyone wanting to make improvements or additions to their property goes through the right channels so we can ensure the work is safe and does not have a negative impact on the area and neighboring properties. Our planning enforcement team will take appropriate action against anyone who is seen to be flouting the rules.”

The judge agreed with the council, and the injunction gives Mr. Hadjimina two months to take down all works in breach of planning control, and also not to carry out any works to the property without first seeking the consent of planning.

Going back 10 years, including many tries at creating this first-floor extension, the timber structure is the latest in a long line of planning breaches at the property itself. Previous breaches turned out the raising of walls that the council had previously reduced in height behind a lawful notice in 2012.