Students looking away from social drinking, is it socially damaging?

The office for nationals statistics posted an adult ranking habits bulletin this year, stating that young people aged 16 to 24 in Great Britain are less likely to drink alcohol than any other age group. This statistic is fallen by one third since only 2005 going from 29% to 18%. Due to this reduction in numbers it’s clear that more young people are finding other methods and strategies to stay away from cracking open a cold one with the boys, but why? And isn’t it damaging to their social lives?

Zara, 21 from London South Bank university infers the time away from booze doesn’t hold her back at all “it’s doesn’t stop me going out with me mates, I still definitely do that! I’m always at some events or scenes until the early hours and I have so much more spare money at the end of it all.” With saying this she was also alimentary that she doesn’t really enjoy drinking if she ever does it “I can’t stand it and if I can easily have just as mush fun and more without it then why the hell not!”. So could students be departing from the binge fresher drinking habits because it saves money? “I end up saving around £40 a week if I brought just as much booze as my mates plus with London being hella pricey I’d rather buy some peng food for once we’re out the club”.

So saving your hard earned money or student loan to buy other things than alcohol could become a trendy thing, who knows but it’s clear more and more students may be turning this way if things continue the way they are now.

Speaking to Charlie, a fashion student from Greenwich university he also decides drinking isn’t the way forward especially through studies “I never really drank in the first place it really doesn’t agree with me in the rare occasions I did; I always ended up in stupid and random situations” with Charlie being a very sociable student, it would be easy to think his mates would maybe take the mic s little bit but he says “if it’s clubbing then yeah I don’t really vibe with that as I can’t enjoy it to the full extent but if I do I just buy bare red bull and take the piss outta my mates when they can’t walk home”. But it doesn’t manage to save all students money if they decide to cut down on the drink as Charlie says “I still always spend so much money so no I don’t save anything, all my money goes to crap I spend on nights out”.

So with the numbers continuing to decrease when it comes to young people drinking does the fresher traditions die down in British universities or is this just a dry time for bars, pubs and clubs looking to entice young students?