‘Do it for you’

If you were to look around the university room of 18 year old Elle Mae Smith you would find a picture wall, a mountain of heels, and the most amazing view of the London Eye.

Growing up in Burton-Upon-Trent, Elle confesses, was ‘very much the same’, but her monotonous lifestyle was drastically altered once she made her way to London Southbank University, with the most exhilarating part for her being the chance to ‘come out of my shell’ and explore a completely new way of living.

The many pictures embellishing the walls of her accommodation indicate that, although a lover of her new found lifestyle, she is very family orientated. It therefore comes as no surprise that when asked what the hardest thing about coming to university was she answered ‘being away from my family’. It’s an issue every university student goes through, however, as Elle wisely answers, ‘a lot of people are in the same boat and this makes it easier for you to connect on a social and intimate level’.

But with homesickness being just one of the many issues that come with being a student how are you supposed to decide whether university is right for you? Elle’s answer is simple, ‘do it for you’. She is not hesitant to mention how her previous school urged her to research into different universities and what they could offer her, as well as looking into internships and work experience. However, after months of research, she came to the conclusion that university was right for her.

Now sitting in her accommodation at London Southbank University Elle Mae Smith could not look any happier, gazing out at the London eye, completely satisfied with her new life as a university student.