Gangster Crime in Peckham

Photo by Alessia Sasso

“Gangster crime in Peckham has definitely been increasing in the past years” says P.C Bullions, Metropolitan Police Service officer at the Peckham meeting Friday 11th October 2018. 

In fact, Peckham has one of highest rates of Gangster and Knife Crime. In July 2015 rates were at 45% but, three years later in July 2018, it has increased by 17% and reached 62% of gangster and knife crime.

Officer Jaime Keate then goes on to, very proudly say, Metropolitan Police were able to to make sure that two main gangster leaders were not able to come to the borough anymore.”They have been committing too much crime and if they don’t live in the borough there is no point of them coming here” he then explains. 

“To reduce the number of gangster and knife crime we are using the Operation Sceptre system” says again P.C Bullions. The Operation Sceptre system “it is designed to coincide with the new legislation and it is those who carry knife and get caught for the second time will face custodial sentence” carries on to explain the officer.  

The Operation Sceptre system in October 2016 conducted the highest number of anti knife-crime activities and the officers continue saying that by adopting that system knife crime and gang crime is a lot more controlled and it is safer for the public.