Anniversary of the PoundStretcher attack in Peckham

One year ago, just when the whole city was getting ready to the holiday spirit something horrible happened in Peckham.

27thOctober 2017 was a normal day at the PoundStretcher store in Peckham just when a shoplifter came to the store and started to create chaos.

The man was tall and big structured, he was acting like nothing was happening until one of the workers sees him taking loads of coffee jars and putting them in his bag and not paying for it.

As soon as that happens the staff imminently tell the two managers who were working there, Airen Agbontaen and Michela Tamarichiuta.

They both waited for the man in front of the door just to see if then he would be paying for what he took.

The manager stops him, and the shoplifter aggressively pushes the manager on the floor while wanting to fight with her and being very violent towards everyone.

“I seriously though that was the end for me, that man was aggressive and so violent” says Airen Agbontaen till this day.

Also, manager Michela Tamarichiuta who was the main eyewitness saw everything and was “in shock” as she says and couldn’t believe at what she was seeing.

They then called the police and filed a report, till these days the man is banned from the store.