How mobile news gathering is changing journalism

Mobile news gathering is increasing over the years and this has made few changes in journalism and how the audience sees and uses news.

Van Damme K says ““On the one hand, the majority of news consumers dominantly relies on traditional media outlets to stay informed, only to supplement with online mobile services in specific circumstances.”

He then continues to say “these mobile news outlets/products do seem to increasingly infiltrate the daily lives of mobile audiences who were previously disengaged with news”

Which we say that mobile new gathering it is actually changing journalism, in a great way as the audience it is more interested in checking the news.

Mobile news it is also a lot more practical and a lot easier to use and you can read it from your phone anytime you want, wherever you want and it can also send notifications to keep the audience posted.

Mobile news gathering is also changing journalism in a negative way as print journalism is in a massive decline. The audience is so used to keep themselves posted it and checking the news from their mobile that the journalism paper industry just isn’t doing so well.