Journalism 360 Challenge

Photo by Konstantinos Mavroudis

In March 2017 Knight Foundation amongst other partners such as Google News Lab and Online News Association launched the Journalism 360 Challenge to advance the use of virtual reality and other immersive storytelling approaches in the field of journalism.

The winning projects included the “Aftermath VP app” which suggest Journalists to create an app that would apply photogrammetry. This is the use of photography to measure and map objects to then be able to create a three-dimensional scenes of news events.  

Talking about the editorial opportunities this may have it is that it’s a very good and practical idea, it is easy to use, such as it is an app that everyone can have on their phones, and nowadays most of our interactions and uses do come from an app.

The pitfalls about this idea, it is that this idea can be increasing the amount of citizen journalism as everyone is able to download an app on their phones and so to be headed on journalists. Another pitfall it is that it’s very expensive to create an app and we would never be sure weather is it going to be a success or not.