The Snowman Experience in Winter Wonderland

Photo by Christine Matthews

Winter Wonderland it is a wonderful place made for any group age. This year they added a new attraction called “The Snowman Experience” which I very much enjoyed going and have a look at it.

The Snowman Experience it is an attraction based on the animated book “The Snowman” where made then a cartoon about it. The cartoon had no words, only music in the background that changes to slow to more intense music from what is happening/seeing on screen.

The Experience had three different rooms, the first one who lasted about 15 minutes which you could’ve sat down, the second one 5 minutes which you were had to stand up and the third 10 minutes which again, you could’ve sat down.

To get to a room to another you were guided through little tunnels with Christmas lights all around them. Each room had its own experience and special effect such as smoke, change of lightings and the last room had the real snowman coming around and saying hi to the audience.

The experience is very joyful and all the staff around who works there was smiling and kind. One of the things where many people were complaining about was the fact that in the second room not only you had to stand up, but it was very cold.

Speaking to one of the of staff members I have been told that it is so cold because it gives the audience the feeling to fly and so to relate to the cartoon as that specific room only contains the flying scene.

Personally, I very much enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to everyone especially to families.