State of The Uninon infographics

The first State Of The Union infographic I’m going to be looking at is “FiveThirtyEight, 2010 Obama’s SOTU: Clintonian, In a Good Way”.

The type of analysis it is a term frequency, which is a comparison across the speeches by different speaker. 

The infographic it is about the relevant and keywords its president use within its speech. In the infographic it is shown all the presidents from 1982 to 2010. 

The frequency is shown in a table with colours and numbers, colours vary from bright green to dark red, each colour represent the amount of times the president had said the keyword with a number of top of it.

I believe this type of infographic its efficient as colour scheme and number makes it easy for the audience to understand the statics and the words said.

Secondly, we have the New York Times, 2011: Patterns of Speech: 75 Years of the State of the Union Addresses. 

This infographic also highlights the main keyword each president of the United States uses and how often. I believe this infographic it is so efficient, and it is shown as a graph as a bier chart to be exact and the higher the line is the higher the word has been used. 

It is also interactive which is good for the audience, as soon as you click of one of the bier charts it shows the exact numbers