Workbook Digital Journalism 2

Workbook Week 1

  • Digital Journalisms data introduction, how can journalists produce a piece of journalism with using data such as statistics and chart. 
  • Watched a video about a multi-graphic piece of journalism (infographic) about the world was 2, remembering that every piece of data are people.
  • Inducing to
  • Examples of infographics
  • When creating an infographic it is very important to state exactly what you are trying to show and to have a good title that explains what your work is going to be about.

Workbook week 3

  • Facts, stats and lies
  • Data terminology such as Data point – one piece of data
    Dataset – a whole array of data Variable – one dimension of the dataset 
  • Raw data- unprocessed, detailed, has not been compromised
  • Aggregated data-grouped or combined from several measurements.
  • Average-Mean-Median-Mode
  • Per cent vs Percentage point

Workbook Week 4

  • Business Data, Developing Data story
  • How to find Data
  • The importance of color
  • Starting to think on what kind of story we wanted to do and how we could have developed datas to create an infogrpahic

Workbook Week 5

  • Important lecture on useful links and where to find data
  • Useful links such as: research/electoral-data
  • Starting to think about my data set
  • I had an idea on doing my infographic about agriculture in Europe

Workbook Week 6

  • Fighthoax
  • Fighthoax it is a news analysis which explains with the use of data what kind of article you are looking at.
  • Developing my idea of agriculture in Europe with a European statistic site

Workbook Week 9

  • I was struggling with my agriculture idea I was trying to find an angle that had to do with Brexit but I couldn’t find anything too helpful, so I changed my idea into Smoking teenagers in the UK.
  • Found some data from the UK data stats Gbopnsmoking.xls was trying to get an excel document from where I could’ve then started developing my story and my angle
  • Presented this idea to the lecturer and got some feedback on how to presented it what angle to take

Workbook Easter

  • Used one of my lecturer recommended website to have an idea of how to create my infographic
  • Starting to research all the effect of smoking and why do teenagers some, found some resources from “Alcohol and Drug Foundation”, “A comprehensive online research” and more websites in which I haven’t used any pieces of information
  • Starting to do my infographic, I have decided to use a brown background because I thought it was the best choice for something like smoking
  • My first ever infographic had loads of text and not too many visuals
  • Started to type my feature

Workbook Week 11/12

  • Had a meeting with the lecturer, got many feedbacks on how to improve my infographics
  • Starting to improve it, still keeping the background brown as I believe it is the best choice in a topic like this
  • Starting to tell the story very much visually and not with so much text
  • Has the feedback to cut my infographic in three parts and so I did
  • Finished typing my feature