VT Package Workbook

VT Workbook


April 1st– Me and the group tried to have a meeting to discuss the ideas of what we wanted our VT to be about. The first idea that popped up was “The Great Hampstead Bark Off”, but we then decided not to take the idea as the date for the event was too far.

April 2ndLooking into the “Underbelly Southbank Festival”, thinking that would have been the final idea and starting to get contacts and get in touch with the organisers

April 3rd– Getting in touch with organisers and managers of the festival giving us great opportunities and ideas to film.

Contacts: laurenm@underbelly.co.uk – dave@underbelly.co.uk

April 8th– The “Underbelly Southbank Festival” idea wasn’t working anymore, and we started to think about other ideas.

April 16th– Thinking about doing the 4/20 idea and going to Hyde Park to participate and film the event

April 19th– Meeting with the group and discussing more ideas, “London Cats International Show and Expo”, “Eight floors up at the multi-storey car park in Stratford” and one of Underbelly Festival pop up were all good and valuable ideas but we never had the time or money to get to filming it.

April 30th– London Transport idea and how it is very expensive for students and how there isn’t enough discount for it, but we then had a meeting with the lecturer and realised it was not a valuable idea as it had no news value.

The same day we had the idea of filming the aftermath of the big movement against Climate Change called Extinction Rebellion-

May 4thGeorgina and Craig went to get some filming done and discovered the event happening the day after called the “XR London: Beehive Babies” event.
Craig and Georgina then went to get some research on the event https://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/CDP-2017-0226

Fact Sheet: Bees

Save the Bees

and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/408341359944109/


May 5th– Georgina and Craig went then to get the filming done for the “XR London: Beehive Babies” event.
Interviewer expert, Ramon Salgado-Touzon
Contact: 07884958740

Interviewer Vox Pops, Gabrielle Boyle

Contact: 07956383966