Life in Isolation- WE GOT OUT!

This will be the last entry to this blog (unless of course I get isolated again, or a national lockdown happens), because we have finally recieved the test results and they have come back negative.

I am lucky enough to have not had to isolate for fourteen days, but the five days I was isolating for really help put things into perspective, and it made me realise how many things I take for granted. 

The first thing I did when we got the news was just go for a walk, something that sounds so basic, but when you’ve been locked up for five days you realise how much you miss the freedom. It has also made me realise how hard it must be for those who are the most vunerable at the moment, those who can’t simply walk to the shop when they need milk and bread, because for those five days I relied on the university to help provide the resources I need to survive, you have no real control of what happens in your life when locked in.

As such there won’t be a beer review today, as it is probably a little bit to early (9.41 am) to start drinking, although if I was on a football away day I probably would have had a couple by now. 

With that, thank you to everyone who has read the blog, and thank you to those who have kept checking up on me throughout.

Stay safe everyone.


Peter Scholes
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