Sourcing Audio Stories

photo: @photographer2121301 on
photo: @photographer2121301 on

On listening to the producers of Radiolab discuss their scavenger hunt for stories, I identified 5 different sources of which they use to pick up stories.  

  1. Google Alerts – Story scout Latif Nasser tells of how he selects phrases such as “the human equivalent of” and “bizarre but beautiful” and sets google alerts for them so that he is notified whenever someone has published/used these words online 
  2. Wikipedia – Using the random article feature on the site, the producers would land on interesting people/places and try and find a story from there.
  3. – an online library catalogue that not only tells you which of your local libraries stocks a particular book, but is also home to some very special books on their sister site Archive Grid 
  4. Talking to strangers – everyone has a story, you just need to ask
  5. Trade magazines – useful for finding stories about a particular topic