Virtual Reality in Storytelling

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Headset in Action

On looking at the different immersive storytelling projects, I believe that the one that will benefit the world of Journalism the most is the “Dataverses: Information Visualization into VR Storytelling project” by the Outliers Collective.

This project makes the process of storytelling a lot easier as it allows the viewer to visually see and understand the exact events that unfolded. It also allows journalists to incorporate a sense of empathy into their work and evoke feelings form their viewers creating news with an impact.

The Dataverse project also presents numerical information such as figures and statistics in VR form. This too is beneficial to journalists as it makes the information presented easier for the viewer to comprehend and process.

The VR aspect also makes the news more interactive and encourages viewers to be more proactive in the ways they gather news rather than being passive as most people today have become.

There are also several pitfalls to the project however. Firstly, as a whole – processing news in this way is a very time-consuming process. Simply watching the news or reading the paper would be a much quicker way to get the news that putting on a VR headset and processing it that way. Then continuously updating the VR software every time an interesting story comes out is also very time-consuming.

The project is also expensive to carry out. TV’s, Radio’s and Newspapers are all relatively cheap items that most people have in their homes already. These are all therefore easier sources of news for the public. A VR headset is not a very common household item and would therefore be an unnecessary expense to most as they would only be able to use it for the news and nothing else.