Week 4

In class with Michael this week, we took a look at business data. We began looking at stock exchanges and currencies before considering how we can manipulate the datasets to find stories. We also looked at the colours of the stock exchange across different countries and spoke about why the meanings of these colours vary.

Then, Michael moved on to finding data stories. As a class we took a look at datasets produced by fit-bits and began to pick apart ways in which we could produce a story from looking at this data. Looking at the BBC News website, Michael shows us how we can pick out stories that contain data and use it to create our own stories using an example from the Grammys to illustrate his point.

We were then instructed to look at the BBC News website for stories and pick out the data we could you to explain each story. I chose a story on the NHS A&E departments and their waiting times. Although the story included data of its own, I wanted to find more data that could be used to build the story. I then found an interactive data set in which you could insert your postcode and it would inform you of how the A&E trusts local to you were performing. I found this interesting as not only did it show you there levels of performance, but it included the actual percentage of waiting times that had been exceeded and included different hospital departments in the dataset too. This would be extremely useful if I were attempting to write a story on this. hh

In the afternoon session with LJ, we were given a tutorial on Excel and a basic introduction into how it can be used in the world of journalism.