Week 6

This week in Rebecca’s class we began by looking at everyone’s analysis of the different TV news shows yesterday. We discussed story selection and coverage and presentation and compared the content shown on each news programme.

Group by group we then took turns to read our studio intros to the class and play our Brexit VTs. We received feedback on how to improve from both our peers and Rebecca and were asked to consider what our time filming this VT taught us as trainee journalists.

We also looked at writing to pictures and understood how just looking at an image/visual can help us write a piece about it without necessarily having to research it beforehand.

In the afternoon with Michael, we then had a further look into Fighthoax and were split into 4 teams where my team were tasked with finding a Brexit related article on Facebook to analyse. We gained an understanding as to how Fighthoax works and how us as Journalists can use it to our advantage.