Week One Show Five – 09/10/20


In Class:

Yasmine – presenter

Juliana – vision mixer

Mahira – audio and autocue

Ameera – director















Today’s day started off with the class gathering at 10am to discuss the show. The director for the day decided to produce a social media show instead of a regular news show so this meant that the structure of our day and what is expected of us would be slightly different to a regular newsday. It was also announced that we would be going live at 3pm, so everyone was to insure their clips, footage, lead-ins and audios were all uploaded and uploaded to dropbox by 1:30pm. 

At 11am, we split into our social media groups and discussed what stories we wanted to cover. There were three groups: Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, and people in each group were expected to use that particular social media site to find stories to cover for their segment. I was in the twitter group alongside Arun, Kika and Isabella and these are the stories that we decided to cover:

  1. World Egg Day – Kika
  2. Friday Motivation –  Jada
  3. Sister Act 3 is officially in the works- Isabella
  4. John Lennon’s 80th birthday – Arun

After choosing the stories, at 11:30am our group broke up and went away to film our videos. We agreed that Arun would edit our videos into one clip so decided to hand in all of our videos to him by 12:15 so that he would have enough time to edit it before the official hand-in.

We had our final editorial meeting at 1:30pm which was very short in length as everyone had managed to hand in their footage in time. We discussed the time that the studio team would have their dry run and were reminded of the fact that the show would be live at 3pm.



  • Images did not fit the screen properly – one of the VT’s included a screenshot that did not fit the screen and was partially cut out. In order to avoid this, the people editing the VT’s should make sure to resize images wherever necessary.
  • Bulletins – The bulletins were played after the twitter segment of the show. Should have been put first to establish the news angle of the show.
  • The show was shorter than planned – this is because there weren’t enough packages to make the show run to it’s expected length. In order to prevent this happening again, the editor should inform the class of the shortfall and see if anyone can produce a short package or lengthen theirs. If not possible, the editor should then inform the presenter to have filled in time with opinions and thoughts on the packages.