Redevelopment, Brexit and austerity: Is East street market in danger

View of East Street market

With redevelopment going on around the area, including the demolition of the Heygate estate and ever pressing Brexit concerns.

Vendors of East Street market have expressed concerns over Brexit and how the redevelopment has affected them.

Speaking to one vendor, Ray, who said that the redevelopment had created a “lack of footfall” for the market and that the addition of online shopping has made it easier for convenience for shoppers.

However with the uncertainty of whether a deal on Brexit can be reached, vendors have been left without explanation on how Brexit will affect them long-term.

The demolition of the Heygate estate and subsequent attempts to evict homeowners from the nearby Aylesbury estate, have proved that the redevelopment has had broadly negative impacts.

 As it has driven people out of the borough and has started to have a knock on effect on East Street market.

 The council could have saved places, including the Heygate estate by “putting money into it” according to an unnamed source.

The redevelopment plans promised much for the residents of Walworth and surrounding areas, what they have delivered is a state of confusion and lack of affordable housing.

East street market has suffered at the hands of the redevelopment as it has led to a lack of locals visiting the market.