Zoe ball profile

Zoe Ball with Greg for Worthy FM

It begins by describing her kids reactions to her deliberating whether or not to take the role of breakfast show host on BBC Radio 2.

It starts with her son reassuring her that “someone will listen”. Whereas her daughter was not 100% supportive, would back her if Greg James ( Radio 1 breakfast show presenter,) played a bad record, and would tune in to see how her mum was doing.

The anecdotal approach immediately gets the reader involved, as many could relate to having children help them with life decisions.

This creates understanding between the reader and the subject of the profile, and  I  personally as a reader, wanted to read on to discover more about Zoe Ball.

The profile piece also uses some of Zoe Ball’s life experiences to prove that anything in life is possible, despite major setbacks occuring.

This referenced within the piece when describing her struggles with depression and alcoholism, but is still capable and up to challenge of hosting radio 2’s breakfast show.

The use of her struggles, is used to make the audience sympathise with Zoe Ball and in a sense urge them to get behind her and support her in her new role. 

Photo credit: Worthy FM –https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/