Web Analytics and the future

Use of web analytics


In the digital world, web analytics are a vital part of journalism, as they can help journalist to find out how people find, consume and interact with digital content online.

However with the rise of web analytics, comes the issue of analytics in newsrooms, as the analytics could help a journalist focus on a particular story in a certain part of the world.

 This could cause an editorial issue as it could mean that a more important story gets looked over, in favour of a story which gauges more interest online.

 Moreover, other editorial issues that could arise from the use of analytics, is that more news would be based on traffic rather than the impact.

An issue that Buzz Feed aims to avoid by using pound (the process for optimizing and understanding network diffusion), which keeps track on how pieces of content move across networks.

Web analytics also show the need for quick updates on news stories, as they help journalists get a digital insight, and the deeper digital insights, the better a journalist can understand their audience and there performance.

The need for quick updates has sprung from the way that the public audience is consuming news and how web analytics have traced how the public consume and interact with news.