53 bus route in peril: is this the final stop?

53 bus on its usual route


Recently, there has been a consultation put forward by TFL on the 53 bus route which runs from Whitehall to Plumstead station.

However under this consultation, TFL would plan to change the route, stopping the route early at Westminster bridge road, half a mile short of where it currently stops at Whitehall.

Southwark council and other surrounding councils have insisted that the 53 bus route continues to run to Whitehall. This would avoid more time being spent in the cold and increase waiting times.

Labour councillors in the borough of Southwark have recently been campaigning against the cuts put forward in the consultations by TFL.

In particular they cited the effect that this would have on south east London with regards to the Old Kent Road.
As new housing developments being built along it will lead to population growth and in turn more buses would be needed to cope with population growth not fewer.

 This consultation has created uproar among the people of south London and that its measures are not what is desired by the many people who rely on the service.

Photo credit- David Mckay-https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/