The Telegraph’s use of snapchat- news source of the feature ?

The Telegraph and it's use of Snapchat discover

The Telegraph has recently found the discover feature on snapchat to be a feature, which has been of much use to them.

 Since its inception in June 2017, during the general election, the Telegraph has used the discover feature of snapchat to try and make some sort of impact in the oddity, which is the UK news environment.

Snapchat discover has offered a new way for the Telegraph to attract a younger audience demographic.

 As visual storytelling has provided a way to new method to reach younger readers, an audience which has always proved elusive across other media platforms.

The Telegraph has used snapchat to publish stories which provide top- line news content, not forgetting to have and offer an audience specific opinion and insight based on age group. Whilst also having a focus on reporting on domestic and world events.

A feature which eluded other news outlets on snapchat.

The use of snapchat by the Telegraph has also brought benefits as it gives the telegraph the opportunity to innovate and use it as platform to post stories not found on the website.

This gives people a quicker access to the news, in some cases getting before the majority of outlets do.