Eugenie Scrase: A look into an artisic mind- draft

Art has played a big part in her life and I wanted to know more about how art became her first love, and how it’s changed her life with success in TV show, School of Saatchi, whilst also playing a role in cultivating her career path.

Art first came into her life and she explains how it came to be so, she says that “I used to love being taken to art galleries and remember at a young age, being taken to the Picasso museum in Paris” and cites Picasso’s sculpture of The Bull’s head as an interesting piece.

Eugenie also believes that art “came naturally” to her and that throughout her school days she invested a lot of time and effort into the subject, but she says there was “no hesitation in following it into higher education.

Additionally she believes that “having a cousin studying at the Ruskin University in Oxford” helped her to develop her understanding of art schools. This helped her choose UCL, doing a foundation year at Chelsea leading onto the Slade School of art later on.

She has met Richard Wentworth and personally asked Chris Orr about art schools, events she believes shaped her life and her career trajectory in art.

 I went on to ask her about how she believes art has affected her life and she says that “it has given her the opportunity to think freely about topics that interest me and that could change week in and week out. She also goes and believes that “as time in art school progressed, as did my ideas and interests condense into concise fields of interest”

 Her art practice “wasn’t developed to a particular medium” which is the thing that kept it exciting, she was inspired by the radio and cites the Robert Elms show as big part of that, inspiration also came from cinema and people she could spark up conversations with.

She has consistently always wanted to be hands on, and that has been expressed with visiting factories and exploring how the manufacturing process works and applying it to her artwork, she says that “people behind these industries were of interest of me.”

In 2009, she applied to go on a BBC Two art programme, School of Saatchi, a show where young artists showcased their talents, for a chance to be chosen by Charles Saatchi to exhibit their work at the world renowned, Hermitage gallery in St Petersburg.

She went on to win the show and says that she “never imagined winning it, not that art can be won” and jokingly remarks that she “fancied having a free studio for the summer”.

Through art, her life has been enriched by some of the people she has met as a result including Jeremy Deller , Christopher Tilley and Phyllide Barlow. 

Later on, she joined the RCA which allowed her to do an exchange to Austin, Texas. She now works for a global film and production company.  Speaking to me  she said thzt “Artists aren’t set a brief, so it allows you to autonomously work and learn something that inspires you”.