Fake news in socal media and effects on poltical dialogue


 Fake news on social media has become a big part of today’s modern society, and it has stood to have great effect on the political dialogue, particular in the past two years.

Many social media platforms have arisen with fake news being present, changing the political dialogue.

 Twitter is one of these platforms and acts as an excellent form of distribution, as it is a highly effective way of spreading ideas, content and information, it’s almost immediate.

Twitter plays a big part in how fake news in social media can transform political dialogue, as it is a great aggregation tool, as it can be set to search out information on any given subject and bring information back.

Through this, political dialogue can be transformed as people may start to ask questions of politicians from fake news that is read on social media.

 Fake news in social media can also transform the political dialogue, as social media doesn’t verify the facts.

 This lets fake news get a foot hold, and let it be distracting and indiscriminate, therefore having a significant effect on political dialogue.