Interview blog post

We set up the interview very quickly and we then went to the interviewee’s house to record some shot and ask the interview questions, and really a good background on the interviewee.

During my interview (profile, I learnt lots of new skills. I learnt to hone my interview technique, which including not asking any closed questions, opting instead to ask questions which gave my interview subject room to expand and express himself on the given question topic.

Additionally I learnt that shot angles are important in an interview of this style as different shot types can offer into what the interviewee is like and makes an audience feel like they are in the room and that they can relate and understand the interviewee and what is happening.

Furthermore, from the interview exercise I learnt that communication is key and that having could contact and communication with my interviewee led to having a better interview as I was very friendly with him, which then showed in my interview piece.