News Day logbook Cross platform journalism- Week 4



Week 4-

Role: VM Director


In this week I took on the role of VM director, this meant that I oversaw the desk, making sure that I uploaded VT’s to the system, and check to see if they ran correctly and order them according to the running order.

Together with the floor manager/ lighting manager (Ameera), we looked at how we could improve the studio and looked at camera angles to make sure that the framing of the show was the best it could be.

I also made sure to help my floor manager/ lighting manager by showing the camera angles of each camera on the monitors around the newsroom, so that they could be fixed up to the standard that we wanted.

In my role, I ran the lunchtime production meeting, which consisted of me going through the running order to make sure that everyone understood where they supposed to be, and which camera they would be on and to give an idea as to how the show would run.

I also made sure that the show was both streamed and recorded simultaneously.

On my part there were some editorial errors in the show, which included me missing to opening titles and cutting short a VT early.

However other editorial problems were that some VT’s sound did not function correctly however this was later found to be a technical fault. There were also no closing credits, but this was due to technical difficulties.