About me

As a young boy growing up in Peterborough, I watched and read both British and Pakistani news. This is where my interest in journalism was sparked. The thought of one person (or a group of people) writing or broadcasting a story which is then viewed by thousands, if not millions, always intrigued me. No matter that most of the broadcasters and writers I saw and read about were white and middle class, I knew I would be among them one day and write my articles for the world to read.

Now an 18-year-old studying Journalism at London South Bank University, I am on my way to becoming a journalist, a dream I have been longing to accomplish. 

My interest in political and global issues began after speaking to one of our secondary school alumni, Fatima Manji, who told me, as a journalist it is “very important to tell the truth for society.” Inspired by this, I began volunteering for community organisations, such as Community First. I was also proud to become Peterborough’s first Youth Hate Crime Ambassador, a role which allowed me to promote justice and raise awareness of the impact hatred can have on individual lives.