Mobile News Gathering is Changing Journalism

Since the rise of portable devices with Apple and other technology companies like Samsung and Google, our new reading habits have become more and more focused on reading on phones, tablets and other tech.

This drives a need for not only compatibility in the sites that our content is displayed on but also for the news to be published quickly, accurately and in a style that is easily readable. 

Stories can go viral very quickly now that mobile devices are a part of the majority of our daily lives, something very small can soon be seen by the whole world if it reaches the right crowd of people of influential figures – a homophobic incident in London can be spread by the LGBT community for example, then hit key figures and be seen across the globe, uniting support and making what we know as a viral story.

We like and share content because it speaks to us – out of passion, humour of personal interest; it’s natural to want to share what you’ve learnt with others and social media allows this to happen much easier than if it was in print. An audience and keeping them engaged increases content sharing and thus overall increases audience size and share which is what every journalist and business wants.

We are becoming quicker and more passionate with content we find.