La Porchetta Pollo Soho Food Review

La Porchetta Pollo Bar Soho

La Porchetta Pollo Bar: the Italian restaurant at the heart of Soho we never knew we needed. 

When you enter La Porchetta Pollo Bar you aren’t presented with the usual faux Italian atmosphere and decoration that you would expect, you are instead welcomed with an unpretentious and cosy Italian serving up pizza and pasta dishes at a reasonable price.

La Porchetta is an authentic Italian restaurant located on Old Crompton Street in Soho that offers a large range of starters, pizzas, pastas and deserts all freshly prepared.

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The Big Bingo Show: Royal Vauxhall Tavern Review

Royal Vauxhall Tavern Drag Bingo Show

Mad, eccentric and spontaneous – three words I would use to describe ‘The Big Bingo Show’ at London’s Royal Vauxhall Tavern. 

When I uttered the words “bingo” to my flatmates, their initial response to me was that of confusion – why would someone aged 20 willingly go to bingo? Little did they know that this wasn’t your average game nor did it have your average host. Timberlina is the heart of the game – with quick whit and sudden musical break-out moments, this drag-lady provides the audience with no opportunity to fall asleep during number-calling. 

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