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It has yet to occur to me how much I will miss the ability to make decisions such as “I have no plans this weekend – I should go to Portugal”. So, yes, I impulsively booked a trip to Porto for the weekend.

I’ll be honest – I only decided to go to Porto since the flights were literally THAT cheap. But how could I not take that opportunity?

I stayed at PILOT Hostel which was no doubt one of the best hostels I have ever stayed at. The hostel was clean and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. One of the highlights of my visit to Porto was I went on the walking tour through the hostel. This helped me learn about the city from a local’s perspective and see the important sites.

Something I did not know before coming to Porto was JK Rowling lived there for a bit before writing her Harry Potter series. This is obviously captivating to me as I absolutely love Harry Potter. Had I not gone on the tour I definitely would not have known this (or where to find her favorite cafe).

I went to bars and restaurants with other people from my hostel and got to experience the city at night. A city highlight was crossing the bridge to Vila Nova de Gaia and viewing the city from there.

One thing I will mention about Porto is the unpredictability of its weather in Rainy Season. The weather moves quickly and will suddenly pour down buckets only to revert back to clear and sunny in just a few minutes.

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