The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea launched a fun recycling campaign this week

An interesting new campaign is meant to help residents to recycle in a more playful way as Kensington and Chelsea council partnered up with Innocent drinks and environmental charity Hubbub this Recycle week says (21-27 September 2020), says RBKC website.

From this week onwards, the residents will see messages on recycling bags, leaflets, digital displays, posters and recycling trucks asking them to help catch “recycling’s most wanted”. These include items such as drinks cans, yogurt pots and bathroom plastics.

Cllr Cem Kemahli, Lead Member for Environment at Kensington and Chelsea Council, said on the RBCK website: “I hope residents connect with this fun campaign and it makes recycling at home simpler. Our waste collectors and sorters have made heroic efforts during the pandemic to provide an essential service that we couldn’t manage without. We can all make their jobs easier by recycling the most wanted items.”

Vanessa, a member of the Nottingwood House’ Resident Association said:” This is the first I have heard of Recycling Week so I had a look at the website and yes, bringing a bit of humour might help with people recycling.“