The scourge of Filter Bubble and Echo Chamber on my Social Media

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After studying my social medias trying to find out what are my filter bubbles, I figured out that they are easily noteworthy, especially five different themes.

First of all, travel post come back frequently because I travel a lot and this is one of my passion so after having followed a few pages now it comes back frequently in my timelines of all my social medias.

It is the same with fashion, as I follow some big fashion magazines as Vogue or Vanity Fair and some famous creator as well.

Cute short videos of animals comes often, because obviously who can not give a like to a video of a cute little dog who have been rescued?

I have a lot of charities related post as well, because I’m volunteering in a lot of charities and they tagged me in their post for example.

And evidently as all the people of my age there’s a lot of celebrities post in every single one of my different timelines.

It makes the same effect with posts related to my political opinions because of what we call the Echo Chambers.

I think you can break these filters by creating other account but like a professional one but at the end it will always sort of come out.

But it don’t really annoyed me personally because obviously of the fact that these filters were made with what I like and pages I follow and it allows me to find interesting post that I like.


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