The shard puts on its annual Christmas lights, Illuminating the capital once more

One of the Shard's Christmas light, Picture from

If you have walked around the southwark area or across the capital theses days, maybe you have noticed that The shard puts on its annual Christmas lights On December 3rd at 6:45pm.

The top 20 storeys of the Skyscraper are illuminated so as to represent all the colours of london’s sky from the  golden sunrises, through to the deep blue of a midnight sky.

This colorfuls spectacle is it’s Western Europe’s highest festive display. It takes place every half an hour from 4pm to 1am every single evening until the 1st January 2019 and can be seen at more than 24 miles away.

On New Year’s Eve there will be a unique display from when the clock strikes midnight to the early hours of New Year’s Day before the show comes to a close according to the Shard’s Website.




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