Protest against the new Delancey’s planning application for the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre regeneration to defend the traders

Protest for the Elephant and castle shopping centre's traders - picture taken by Yasmine Taviot
A protest took place in front of the Southwark London Borough Council on the 12th of December at 6 PM, as Community campaigners protested against the latest proposal to demolish and rebuild the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre. This was put forward by the investment company, Delancey.

The protesters want the community to refuse this planning application submitted to Southwark Council’s planning committee. Delancey proposed a temporary arrangement, a Boxpark at castle square for the traders during the shopping centre’s demolition. But the problem is, this Boxpark is just over 500 sqm so it can only welcome 33 independent traders whereas previously there was 100.” Temporarily relocation for the traders is not good enough for the protesters.

Sahaya James, campaigns officer at Arts SU, University of the Arts London’s students’ union and a member of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts national committee, told me “It’s a shameful and disrespectful offer for the traders, it will not accommodate everyone and we know that after when the development will start, they will even remove this temporarily place,  and the shops would be replaced by luxury cafes and shops like the one you can find in gentrified London”

Protesters are also claiming for more affordable social housing. Among the different people present, there were some people from the Green Party, as Delancey didn’t think about the environment when applying for permission. Some people from the London College of Communication, the Social Worker Party and DAWN (Dulwich and West Norwood) Labour Party joined the traders for the protest.

pictures were taken by Yasmine Taviot during The Protest

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