Workbook – Introduction to Broadcast Journalism

Week 1 :

1st February

Introduction to the Module to Module.

Assignment of VT Groups and patches.

Introduction to the iPods

Practice Interviews with iPods and Photo taking with our group

4th February

Introduction to Photoshop with Oliver Spier

Week 2 :

8th February

Introductions, module overview and assessments

Health and safety and location filming

basic technical terms: Watched a VT package and break it down using basic technical language

We learned how to book out equipment using Siso

We also saw what makes a good VT package

found an Ideas and filming Gvs for our student life package

Producing a story based on Sources and how to use Sources


11th February

Introduction to Premiere Pro


Week 3:

15th February

voice training with Vanessa Edwards

finished our student life VTs


18th February

Introduction to Audition


Week 4:

22nd February

We presented our student life VTs for Rebecca to give us some feedback

look at the news we watched Friday

Filmed our own PTCs

We talked about story Angles, Audio Production and Podcasts


Week 5:

26th February:

We went to parliament square to film our VT about Brexit and to record some sound as I decided to do a  Sound Story


2nd March:

Studio training and Brexit VT editing 


Week 6:

5th March

Discussion about last night’s TV evening news

Brexit Vt overview,  feedback

We also wrote a Brexit post on our blog


Week 7:

12th March

Discussion about the news that we watched

trained how to film sit down interviews

Soundscape and other audio elements


Week 8:

19th March

Viewing profile interview VTs for feedback in class


21st March

Sent a message on our Vt group discussion to ask if we could begin to think about ideas for our final project so we could be organised

For my Radio project, I thought could maybe do something in Morocco since I will there for 3 weeks during my holidays. Immediately I thought about the place of women in Morocco since things are beginning to change for them and so about The Amal centre association for women empowerment where I volunteered during two years because it could really illustrate the subject and I thinks it’s a really interesting places where I could interview people and English speaker tourist there.


Week 9

26th March

TV evening news deconstruction, VT viewings

Headline and standfirst


Ask Michael if I could do my radio audio project in Morocco and he said yes and he approved my idea

We also create the leading for the audio package in the class

28th March

Starting making a draft for my radio package


Week 10

April 2nd

we saw the requirements for VT submissions

Jada and I start thinking about Ideas for our Vt package. We found a list of events happening in London but also through about Vintage Fashion and young people. Why more and more young people are turning to vintage fashion. We also determined what role we wanted to do. I chose to be the Carema person since I’m really interested into photography etc.. I then sent to Ellie in the group chat the ideas we through about with Jada since she wasn’t in class and she approved them. And we agreed on the vintage fashion one.


Holidays :

April 7th

Since I was In Morocco I went to have lunch at the Amal centre and asked for the interviews. They accepted and told me to come whenever I want.

April 16th

I start writing my questions and making the project clear in my head

April 19th

I went to the place Jemaa el Fna to record some sound for the audio package.

I recorded Moroccan traditional musicians playing and noises from the place.

April 23rd

I did the interviews at the Amal centre with

  • Souad Kadi, the trainee manager (who gave me her facebook contact)
  • Houda Ismaili, the head of service and the restaurant service and professional conduct teacher (who also gave me her facebook contact and phone number)
  • And Sofia Moschkau an American 20 years old tourist how is a 3rd-year student and that was having lunch at the restaurant. She gave me her email:


Week 11

April 30th

Review of submission packages

Vox pops and news interview reviews, using Inception

Made a point with Rebecca about our VT project and she said we should change our subject since we don’t have enough actual numbers to make a story.

So we focused on finding another idea and through about sustainable fashion in relation to the recent climate change protest

2nd May:

We called sustainable fashion shops to get interviews.

one of the companies that Ellie had found a sustainable fashion brand in Brixton called Lowe agreed to help and allow us to film on the same day.

so we did the filming.

4th May:

I started writing my introduction for the audio package and recorded it.

I also started to try understanding The garage band software on MacBook.

I also start writing my Studio Script. (from where I get number about women situation in Morocco)

6th May:

I have an Issue with the background noises on my interviews since I filmed them in the association and were no possibility for me to film them anywhere else or at a less busy time since it always is.

I asked other people if they know how I can reduce the background noises but none of them knew how.

I started editing my audio and made it listen to one of my flatmates to ask her if the background noises were really annoying her. She answers to me that it was fine.

I’m also struggling to find a sound effect that matches my story and also to record myself speaking English.
Finally, I put wild track at I recorded.

7th May:

I finalized my audio package and made it listen to my flatmate again. I also went to the university to film the Vox pop with Jada and do voice training with Vanessa.


9th May:

Jada sends us the Final Vt package.


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