Honolulu hoping to save lives as they ban walking and messaging

Hawaii’s capital Honolulu wants to keeps their pedestrians heads up by banning the use of electrical devices whilst walking in public.

Commencing from the 25th October, Honolulu’s pedestrians could be fined between £11 and £75 ($15 and $99) for using their mobile phone or tablet device as they cross the street. The fine amount depends on how many times the authorities catch them in the act according to the mayor Kirk Caldwell.

Although it’s not the death penalty, Honolulu is one of the first cities to put this ban into place. Other cities are making similar moves as phone-related injuries soar around the world, with there being more than 11,000 injuries from phone-related distraction while walking in the United States between 2000 and 2011, according to a University of Maryland study published in 2015. In Mumbai there are now dedicated no-selfie zones in areas that are seen as having risk, and in California there are now roadside signs reminding pedestrians of the risks by saying messages such as “Heads up! Cross the street.”

Closer to home in London, the safety of pedestrians has been thought about with the trial of padded lampposts in order to reduce injury. These were installed in 2008 on Brick Lane in the capital, obviously that didn’t last!

The only exemption in Hawaii is if the call is being made to emergency services