First live show review- 19th October

On the 19th of October our first live show took place. As expected things went wrong but there were many positives that came out of it as well. The production team did very well and were very well organised. Although there were technical difficulties they were dealt with accordingly and the presenters handled it so well.

My role was as assistant website editor, this role was not one that I thought I would enjoy or that I would be comfortable in. I was wrong. This role was full on and did last all day, I learnt through the week about the house style and how organised you need to be! This week was great for learning the basics and what to do for the coming weeks. 

My role in the VT team was the editor, in which I had to make informed decisions about shots, cuts and what needs to be filmed. Things could have also been improved within the VT, including audio levels during the PTC as well as having better intros and outros. 

For the first week I believe it went really well, considering we have never done it before