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Who are the Extinction Rebellion?

Who are the Extinction Rebellion?

Are the Extinction Rebellion causing more chaos for our planet?

The Extinction Rebellion started a protest yesterday in London, shutting down streets and causing chaos for public transport.

The protest is said to be going on for 2 weeks, leaving people stranded in their own homes and unable to visit some of London’s most popular landmarks.

But just who are the Extinction Rebellion and what are their reasoning for this mass protest you ask? Well, based upon the information on their website, they claim to be an activist group fighting for the risk of climate change on our future.

A protester named Sophie stated; “We want to stop the extinction of the planet! We only have 11 years before there’s no going back!”

Sophie has also set up a petition for the group to have their own citizen organisation with the government as a step towards getting their message out to world leaders.

For more info about the protest visit – ttps:// 


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