No Health, Without Mental Health – NIB


On the 18th of October, local MP Helen Hayes and a select panel of experts specializing in mental health will be meeting at 155 half moon lane to hold a public meeting in which to discuss the effects of the consistent budget cuts to the mental health portion of the NHS.

Over the past few years in particular, awareness and understanding towards mental health has been on the increase, with charities and organizations working non-stop to spread the word. Despite the endless efforts to raise awareness however, mental health is still not perceived with as much importance as other areas of the health section, despite statistics showing suicide to be in the top 15 reasons for death across all ages.

The meeting will discuss the severe repercussions the cuts are having on both individuals and families, and will aim to raise public understanding.

Brought forward will be issues such as the lack of trained professional staff, the huge distances both adults and children are forced to travel in order to receive treatment due to the shortage of hospital beds, the lengthy waiting times and the importance of correct diagnostic and treatment by qualified individuals.

Doors will open at 7:30pm with talks beginning at 8 pm.