Brock summary

Brock – Out of print


In his book, Brock talked of 4 tasks journalism and journalists should perform.

  • Verification – Making sure doubt is eliminated
  • Sense making – Understanding the facts, to do so involves judgement which in turn involves risk. This could also be known as reporting, analysis, comment and opinion.
  • Witness – New technology may have eliminated vast quantities of blanket routine reporting. However, no matter what new technology is available there will always be times when you need experienced eye witnesses
  • Investigation – Some facts are not always available straight away, some may be hidden or difficult to access. In order to find out these hidden facts you need skill, experience and patience. This is a specialist skill that requires training.


When talking about Twitter, Brock mentioned how it becomes a “digital me”. You can filter so specifically the kind of content you want to follow that no one else in the world will have the same exact information flow. He also said that Twitter and similar micro-blogging site expand quickest where media access is concentrated or restricted, he gave an example of Saudi Arabia where people took to Twitter to mock when a dinosaur exhibition was suddenly shut down.


Finally, he made clear how important local or “hyperlocal” news is. The word from the street is vital as it contains that local knowledge and authenticity that large media providers can’t deliver at a local level